Thursday, 5 May 2011

All Shetland, All the Time

It was a day of hard slogging on the Shetland Shawl yesterday.  I have one round of patterning, 3 plain knit rounds and a round of eyelets to knit and I am done the middle lace edging. I had kind of hoped to finish yesterday.  Still, I had 'that' feeling. 

You know the one that says even though you know you are close and you would love to get there, put it down or you will pay in mornings cruel light?  Yes that one.  I  chose wisely.      

The knit rows, which till now have been a bit of a solace, have become long and tedious.  With this number of stitches, the pattern rows feel downright peppy in comparison.  Getting to the end of this section will make me feel like a conquering hero.

Next up, the outer lace Print o' the Wave edging. I know that just as these last rows of mid-lace edging go slowly, the outer edging may yet drive me batty.  I hold on to the hope that its fewer stitches and quick turns on rows,  will carry me through.  I look forward to the ebb and flow of the repeats too.  When you focus on the repeats ending and beginning again, the knitting feels like it goes fast even when it isn't.  

I will finish this section today.  I ought to have photos for you tomorrow.  I also hope that I have time to do a repeat or two of the outer edging.  It would be nice to get a feel for it before I set it down for the day.  

Still, I hope I don't fall into knittings little trap, where you are having such a good time that you don't listen to 'that ' feeling, even when you know you should.  I hate when that happens.

May it be a day of wise choices.    

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