Friday, 6 May 2011


There are almost no words.

I am so pleased with it.  Just at the very top, you see the small open work triangles that make up the inner lace edging.  You get a feel for the gloriously deep mid-lace edging, and you can see exactly how much I did of the outer lace edging. A stunning design.

Without really pinning it out, without opening up any of the lace properly (all I really did was pin it flat), the lace edging is well over a foot wide. It took up about 2/3 of the square tile.  According to the pattern, the lace edging should be about 22 inches deep, and I have absolutely no doubt that it will be. 

This is going to be a big shawl.  

There is that word again.  BIG.  Spring 2011.  The season of big.  

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Brendaknits said...

You are right. There are no words. Except BEAUTIFUL. Written bit because it's the season of big! :)