Thursday, 14 April 2011


Summer in Canada - when you put away your cold weather gear unless you go to the mountains.  Sometimes you regret it.  Fall in Canada - when union suits start to look attractive.  Winter in Canada - wool weather unless it isn't (you have to live here to understand that).  Springtime in Canada - total crapshoot. Keep your sandals and your parka ready.

It is cold and windy and miserable today.  Weather forecasters are telling us to expect snow.  Right now, there is just a flurry of thin fine flakes. They are thin small flakes, like we usually get when it is very cold up high.  Not a good sign.
Its a great day to stay home, sip tea and knit.  So I will.  That darn beastie blanket could come in very handy today and might even get finished.


Sandra said...

Spring is when I wear sandals AND my parka. at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Me too! GD

Christine said...

Union suit! I haven't heard anyone use those words in so long, I forgot they even existed. Thanks for the brain jog!