Wednesday, 13 April 2011


40 inches wide  Plenty wide.  I predict it will be about 52 inches long when done, but I can adjust the length till the bottom sections look right.  

Though this bottom section is the largest section, it seems to move along fast.  The colour switch always gives you something to watch for and to work towards.  Its kind of nice too, having these colour sections uneven.  That slightly different width seems to help.  

It is times like these I know I have a really simple brain.    As I go along, my head says 'Ooooo, short section' and 'Oooooo, I'm at the switch already!' on the way back.  

I'm pretty pleased with the whole process.  I'm pleased with the colours, pleased with knitting in sections, pleased with the way the yarn turned out depsite my earlier doubts. Pleased at how little yarn this seems to be using.  Just pleased right across the board.  

The next one is going to look like this.  

Tis a season of blankets, me thinks.  


Sandra said...

really nice! I envy your perseverance in knitting something that size - I'm not sure I could. But looking at yours, I really WANT to!

Mrs.Spit said...

It is big! BIG! And lovely and warm.

Brenda said...

I LOVE IT!!! The colours, the very modern look of the design. SO wonderful.