Thursday, 14 April 2011

Something New!

There comes a point in every knitters knitting life when you just need something new.  Today was my day.

I might have resisted but the weather is playing havoc with my hands. Early early in the day I knit on the beastie, (the last section is half done.  It may be forever till the rest get done.  Or Sunday.) but then my hands just were not cooperating. The weather with its highs or rather lows and the muck in between them, is making my hands stupid.  I decided to wind some yarn and that is when I ran into some trouble.

I wound a skein of 100% cashmere. Trauco from Araucania, the deep rust red in the bottom right hand corner.  I pullled it out the other day because I think it is going to be the perfect yarn for Sivia Hardings Victorian Shoulder Shawl.  Yet, I resisted. It was difficult, but I managed. 

Then I wound the skein in the top right hand corner, a skein of Madelinetosh Wren in a colourway called Absinthe.  This was a gift to me from one of my wonderful friends and co-workers.  I might have fallen there, I teetered, but I couldn't decide on a pattern.  It needs to be pretty special to live up to the yarn, the colourway and the giver of the gift.  I managed to get by it by the sin of my teeth.

And then I wound 3 skeins of buttery yellow Manos Silk Blend.  I knew what this wanted to be.  I knew the moment I saw the yarn what it was going to be.   I bought the fall 2010 Knitscene just for one pattern.  It is the Oscilloscope Shawl by Kate Gagnon Osborne.  I love the work this designer does.  So well thought out.  Such crisp lines.  I never made it past the Silk Blend.

It took very little time to get this far  I have the 3 skeins and I want to use up every buttery good inch, so am just going to keep knitting it till the second ball is half done by weight, and then will start the decrease sections.  If I plan it out right, if the weather gods don't wreak havoc on my hands, then I will be well into this shawl when I see you next.  

I didn't mean to start anything till the blankie was done.  I really meant to just knit and knit on it, but I just needed to do a little something else.  Its not even going to slow down the blankie at all.  

It will slow down the myriad shawls I am supposed to be working on.  It will slow down Aprils socks.  It will slow down that lovely soft blue top I am knitting too.

If there is a snowstorm just when the snow was really starting to go, surely I can give myself a break and a treat.  Something new, and it is very good.

No links today.  The internet is really sluggish.  Sluggish like dialup sluggish.  Xplornet used to be so much better.

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Sandra said...

I owuld have been done at the cashmere...