Monday, 7 March 2011


I'm really pleased with it!

and from the back

The pictures are a little fuzzy and the colours are just so muted from what they are in reality, but oh I like how this one turned out.

I've been sitting here all morning, wondering what to do next.  There isn't any rush.  I have plenty of things to finish and there is always Mr. Needles vest to work on. I have a big blanket to reformat and restart.  The Shetland Shawl is waiting but it isn't really calling me yet, so I will let it be for now.  In truth I feel like simply knitting socks.  Today is errand day and laundry day anyway so I don't want to succumb to the knitting mysteries too deeply.

What has been bugging me as I work through the many WIPs in this study is this.  What is in the big blue basket hanging behind the door? It should contain other projects once begun, that did not make it to the list of WIPs to finish for 2011 but I cannot tell you what on earth they would be.  

So, I looking in there. I'm going to rid myself of the irritant. Its a sort of scary thought.  But it is time to face the scary things.  


Anonymous said...

It looks lovely. It will be interesting hear what you find behind the door today. Hopefully things that feel like treasures rather than burdens. GD

Brenda said...

The vest looks great. Too bad about the poor pattern though. That is so annoying. I love the colour and the ribbing probably gives it a great fit.