Friday, 4 March 2011

Almost and next up

I've been knitting lately on the Seaglass vest in that rich lichen colour of Cascade 220.  I'm so close, so very close but not there yet.  
It took an entire day to finish the knit bits.  With all the problems in the pattern and the schematic,  (Seriously? 8 inch armscyces?  For a plus sized woman?  Seriously?) there was a bit of additional knitting to do where the collar sections met the shoulders and the other collars sections, but by the time I got to the end of this project, I expected that.
You get the idea though.  Just a nice vest, with an awkwardly written pattern and a schematic that just makes no sense.  Yum.  Perfect for winging it.  I mostly did.  
You can see here some of the changes I had to make.  The pattern called for ribbed sections under the arms and at the back.  I made them 3 x 3 ribs instead of 2 x 2 along the hem and added a couple ribs to each sections.  As I knit up, I took out the extra stitches and the extra ribs.  It fits great and looks nice.     
One thing left to do with it.  I have to knit the other arm edging, and I have to take out the bind off on this one and redo it with a little more stretch.  And then I have a really cool button to attach.  

Not sure how I missed the button hole though.  Perhaps it is one of the perils of winging it.  I'll have to sort out another sort of closure.  Probably an i-cord loop or something.  

In my head, this one is in the done pile.  Its time to get back to the Shetland shawl.  

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