Monday, 7 March 2011

Empty spaces

Today, I dug into that last remaining bag of WIPs behind the closet door.  It was kind of surprising.

This is what was in it.  Well this and 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock that had once been the start of a shawl and had been frogged.  The entire bag was just yarn without a home.  

I was surprised, but very, very pleased.  This means that I did not just choose projects that I cared about finishing for my 2011 challenge.  I chose all that there was.  I feel light and happy and intensely relieved.  

My job for the morning was to find homes for homeless yarns.  That always means the closet gets emptied and everything gets stirred and refreshed.  I paused along the way for a little R&R.
Cheery, yes?
Springlike maybe?

I did go back to work and fit quite a bit more into the closet.  
That empty shelf was the lace stash.  My whole entire massive lace stash fit!  I felt so good about that, I went to town to have lunch and then played with colours for the Bacardi sweater I would like to knit.  
Opinions?  I had a lovely rich rust from my stash picked instead of the gold, but I appear to only have one skein of rust. I already have 2 of the gold, so I guess I am going with the gold.   Here is crossing my fingers that it looks as good in the swatch as it does in the pile.

When I got home, it was time to face the music.  Some of the music was nice, like a cheery little whistlers melody, 
and some, not so much. Like all cleaning, till the last Ziploc bag is folded and put away, till the garbage is taken out to the bin...  

The bag is going back to its happy home on the hook behind the door but the only thing in it is air...and maybe a stash of Ziploc bags.


Mrs.Spit said...

I think those are great colours and the gold is just the right shade of gold for a pop. I think the rust would be entirely the wrong colour value.

Sandra said...

Love the colours for the Bacardi sweater, and DON'T CHANGE OUT THE GOLD! Seriously, it's perfect - the right dimension of warmth that's needed. The rust would be too heavy and draining, I think.
And the tidying! SO nice! Come to my house next, please...