Thursday, 24 February 2011

Running late

A few weeks ago I ordered a few things from Interweave online.  

A spinning video for download, now downloaded but not watched and  the 2 available collections of past issues of Piecework Magazine. (There is an additional one out now.  2004-2005)
The cds arrived yesterday.  

Oh my.  I have loved Piecework most, of all the magazines I have come into contact with on my journey into knitting.  It connects me with all those things I have done, the embroidery (on a huge scale), the quilting (though not on a huge scale), the crocheting (huge) and connects me with where I have yet to go.

And my spring seed order arrived.  It is currently a rather uninspiring little pile of seed packets in plain brown wrap (oh yes, I love the irony), but within them each seed is a tiny pocket of life and hope and things yet to come. They fill me with joy.

I intend to waffle my day away looking at these things.  But I will also be reknitting the neck of the wee gansey.  The neck looks like you could drive a train through it.

Hmmm, in the picture it doesn't look so bad.  But in front of me?  Ok maybe not a train but surely a fleet of matchbox cars.  

Maybe I will block it first.   


Sandra said...

I'd block it first. Remember, babies had inordinately huge heads - you may need this much space...

jill said...

I love this pattern, perhaps you could knit one for me. I also cant wait to plant my seeds