Friday, 25 February 2011

Living Vicariously

I played around looking in magazines all morning, and reknit my wee bits on the sweater and then I went adventuring.

I went to Sweden... in a knitterly way.  

My bosses went to the recent Vogue Knitting event in New York, and one of them took a tvandstikkning class.  She is preparing to teach the technique here at home and needed some guinea pigs.  I of course, was a willing subject.

My class project was just a simple little cuff, cast off that evening.  I wanted to reinforce the technique in my mind before I lose it, so I dug in the leftover bin for some yarn and away I went.  

I simply cast on, and knit a few rows, did a braid, knit a few rows, then switched out the cream coloured yarn and knit with the other yarn I had. This main yarn is Drops Big Fabel.  

Tvandstikkining is a technique that must be done with the yarn managed by the right hand.  My usual technique is continental or left handed so I am painfully slow and all this right hand yarn management is hard on my arm.  

By happy chance, the colours of the Big Fabel are turning out so right.  Dark in one column, brighter in another.  When the colour changes in one strand, the change in the other strand works out equally well.  The picture is nice, but the periwinkle and green combination of the yarn just does not show up so clear and crisp as in front of me.

I did not intend to knit a tea cozy for my Tim's Teapot, but it fits.  When I am done, I will steek for spout and handle. In the mean time I will 'tvandstik' my heart out.  I shall visit Sweden vicariously.

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