Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Knitting a porcupine

Sometimes when you knit, it looks like there is a porcupine in your hands.  

This is particularly true if you are, like me, a lover of dpns over circulars,  and if you are knitting something with a small circumference with standard 7 to 8 inch needles.  Porcupine or no, knitting circular on double points gives me pleasure.  

This is another wee gansey I am knitting for the store to help support the classes I teach.  With 2 stores, its kind of nice to have 2 samples.  I've been dawdling on this sample all fall, trying to fit it in, but as a hand stress relief from the cotton, it was just right.  

I knit (and reknit) one of the body sections and now am moving along quite pleasantly on the sleeves.  Another inch or two and on to the other sleeve. With only a collar and ends to weave in, I aim to have it done this evening.  

When the cotton top is done, and when I have finished another project from the WIP bucket, then it will be time to knit myself a nice gansey.  Gansey modern though.  Its going to have to have some a-line or other shaping in it for fit.  

I have a plan, I just need the time.

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Sandra said...

I'm a dyed in the wool dpn fan. I will always choos this method over 2 circs or magic loop, given the choice...