Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Ever have trouble making yourself clear?  I do.  All the time.  I know that I don't think the way the average person does.  My brain is just not organized that way.

I once read a description of how people who have true ADD think versus how an average person thinks.  An ADDer interprets everything as ripples on a pond, and sees points all around, an endless an ever widening range of points that need to be considered.     A average brain (if there is such a thing) sees a far more linear path.  

I have never been diagnosed, but oh boy, oh boy do I wonder.  I think in ripples on the pond. Sometimes it is a sad and lonely place to be.  

To make myself clear, I have to write. And so this morning, I write. I will take pictures.  I will make myself clear. I am pretty sure that I am not wrong in this.  I just know that trusting my instinct has carried me further than questioning it.  

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