Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A state of Interesting

I was sitting here hoping to write something smart and clever, but I was having trouble coming up with anything. I really wanted to just settle down and ignore the blog for a while, and  sit back and knit on my purpley shawl.   

I paused my deliberations to take a photo of the border and right there in the middle of a row, 40 dropped stitches.   

EEEP.  It is a simple lace, but suddenly my morning just got a whole lot more interesting.  And I really have to go now.  I have a problem to fix, a few rows to go back so I can be certain I've got the lace saved properly.  The holes need to be in the right place.  

Sigh.   I still don't have anything to say, but if you could all just think good thought for my lace, I'd be grateful.

For anyone wondering where I got the savvy new bead storage, it was in the clearance aisle just after Christmas at a local drugstore.  The tubes were filled with spices so they might be available at kitchen stores (though at kitchen places, with their greater cost), I hope the tubes would be made of glass. I paid only 9 dollars for each set and have to wonder if things like this might best be found at places like Winners, Walmart, a dollar store.  All the looks but not the cost of a kitchen place! 


Sandra said...

eeep! THinking good thoughts for your 40 dropped stitches.
THanks for the info on the bead storage - you've got me thinking - I'm checking kitchen places, and Lee Valley Tools - my favourite go to place - I'm thinking their watch type cases...

Brenda said...

Love to your lace. Love to your lace. Love to your lace. Patience to the knitter. 40! wow - that's a lot.