Thursday, 3 February 2011

Conquering coffee

I am trying to conquer coffee.  

Don't get me wrong.  I love my coffee.  I love the idea of coffee.  It is the beverage I sip in the morning to wake up.  It is the break in my workday.  Coffee is my fallback position for thinking and figuring out.
But coffee loves me slightly less than I love it.  When I worked in an office, I drank a lot of coffee, a healthy pot a day. When I first left the office, I my first job, every morning, work day or not was to make a pot of coffee and have a couple of cups before anything could happen.  

These days, I'm just thirsty in the mornings.  Somewhere along the line, I don't need the jumpstart coffee gives.  I no longer make a pot on work days. I have a cup when I get to work and that is it.  On heavy coffee days, I have a cup at lunch.  On days off, I do make a pot, but I drink a half a cup and the rest gets cold.    This is repeated till the pot is gone, but I cannot remember when I made a second pot in a day.  Sundays I do, but then Sunday I am not the only person drinking the coffee.  

Because of my slowly decreasing coffee consumption, I am having few withdrawal symptoms.  Thats my story and I am sticking to it.  


However, none of this is what I needed to ask the world this morning.  No.  This morning this blog is asking another one of the big questions.  We ask so you don't have to.  

I am sipping Bengal Spice Tea, a lovely sweet confection (confection because it really is sweet tasting without any real amount of calories)  The box says it is made of many things, most of which are ' natural flavours of '.  

So world, just what is a natural flavour of vanilla if not vanilla?  What is a natural flavour of cinnamon? It isn't the flavour part that I question.  It is the natural part.   How does it get to be a natural flavour of a thing if it is not actual natural vanilla? 

Does natural flavour of mean it tastes like the natural flavour of real vanilla but it has no connection to natural at all?  Ambiguous food labeling is contrary to the clarity the label is supposed to provide. 


I don't mean to cut coffee out.  I just mean to put coffee in its proper place right beside tea. I want these things to be drinks to relax by, not the things that drive my day.


ThatLoganChick said...

Sad news, my Dear. "Natural flavour of" is a catch phrase you can safely interpret as "made in a lab". Check out this blog post from The Sweet Beet (my favorite food blog):

I'm sorry in advance. But your work on the coffee? Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Oh you've got to try making your own flavored brew. I made the one from the Company's coming Christmas book and it is so much better than Natural flavor of anything. GD

Brenda said...

I love my coffee in the morning. A god book and a cup of coffee is how I wake up.

Sandra said...

Too much thinking for me in the morning! I'm guessing that "atural flavour of" is (like ThatLoganChick says) is a euphemism.
I'm a coffee in he morning, tea in the afternoon kind of girl. And my husband drinks coffee, so it a full pot every day.