Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Forest Floor Seaglass

When we were in Mexico last time, we did pick up the inevitable piece of sea glass.  It is a measure of the sorry state of the world that such a thing is tossed into the sea but the sea works it magic and the result is a glass of extraordinary beauty, etched by the water borne sand and waves, smoothed to soft rounded edges.  The magic is that you see its soft milky cover, but you know that hidden at the heart of it, is clear clean crisp glass.  

I'm knitting the Sea glass vest from Knitters Magazine summer 2010.  You can see a picture of it here:  Sea Glass Vest

Remember the lichen coloured knitting from just before Christmas? Well, that sweater choose not to be, no matter that I got gauge.  I think I have another yarn I'd like to do it out of though, so I have not despaired of the project yet.

I'm using the lichen Cascade 220 to knit the Seaglass Vest.  The photo shows a marvelous creation of a strong turquoise, perfectly in tune with its name and though the store had the eminently lovely turquoise heather, I had this warm deep khaki green with rust undertones at home. I am more of a forest floor creature than a sea creature  so I opted for this colour.  

The part I liked of the pattern was its crisp lines and edges and the colour statement the pattern shows just did not matter a whole lot.  The yarn is just right for me.  

It will be a few days till this is done and I intend to enjoy every single one of them.  

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Brenda said...

OOOH! I love that vest. I wonder if I can still buy a copy of Knitters SUmmer 2010 issue.