Monday, 3 January 2011


Yes it is that time of year, when I and a few of my compadres challenge ourselves to read more novels. It is 

Please join us for a little silly and a lot of fun.

I've already advanced from my previous seasons by finishing one novel today!   

It was a short one but it counts.  It was a simple novel, but it was absolutely the right thing to read at this time of year and at this point of my life.

For most of us, this has always been seen as a childrens book, but it was first published as a serial story in an adult magazine.  Reading it as an adult is wonderfu.  Its simple message is that the garden will heal, that fresh spring air will heal, that positive thinking will heal. 

A fine little sermonette clothed in a light tale.  Perfect reading for the darkest days of winter.

And in case you didn't notice,  It is getting lighter earlier every single day.  

    Date              sunrise        sunset         length of day   difference        noon alt
Jan 3, 20118:50 AM4:27 PM7h 37m 07s+ 1m 26s12:38 PM13.7°147.104
Jan 4, 20118:49 AM4:28 PM7h 38m 40s+ 1m 33s12:39 PM13.8°147.104
Jan 5, 20118:49 AM4:29 PM7h 40m 20s+ 1m 39s12:39 PM13.9°147.105
Jan 6, 20118:49 AM4:31 PM7h 42m 05s+ 1m 45s12:40 PM14.0°147.107
Jan 7, 20118:48 AM4:32 PM7h 43m 57s+ 1m 52s12:40 PM14.2°147.109
Jan 8, 20118:48 AM4:34 PM7h 45m 55s+ 1m 58s12:40 PM14.3°147.111
Jan 9, 20118:47 AM4:35 PM7h 47m 59s+ 2m 03s12:41 PM14.4°147.115

  Now doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart?

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Brenda said...

Oh NO! every book I had inter library loaned came in in the last couple of weeks of December. I have read so much my eyes are crossed. I just can't. Really, I can't.