Monday, 20 December 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This last busy weekend before Christmas was just that.  Busy.  And yet, there was a lot of sitting around.  

I decorated cookies with little kids at a kids Christmas party. It was wonderful in so many ways.  

And then came home to follow Son 1's progress across the world to Kiev.  He is 30, and yes, I still worry till I hear from him.  Currently he is one of thousands whose flight was cancelled by the massive snowstorm.  Last we heard he was taking a train across Germany to Berlin, where he will board a train for Kiev.  He will get there, but he missed their anniversary.  Darn it all.

And so I knit.  I knit a little on the black sweater.  It is still black.  It is still all garter stitch, and it is still fun while you knit on it but monumentally challenging to think about knitting on it. (Todays work will be working on it, not just thinking about it.)

I looked through all the books and magazines I had laying around to find the next thing.  I looked on line and decided.  Maybe.  I pulled out a yarn and gave it a swatch.  

Maybe swatch, but also a possible sleeve.  And it appears to be right on gauge.  I was tired yesterday so a double check will happen this morning.  

And  then just for fun...
Hmm, that looks distressingly orange-red.  But a lot of fun.
 Purpley-blue-red goodness.  I think this is going to be travel knitting.  I have 2 skeins of this marvelous sock yarn.  Plenty of knitting and an easily accessible pattern and not even close to socks.  

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