Wednesday, 15 December 2010

While I was out Christmas shopping, I came across Susan Boyle's new Christmas CD.  I bought it.  And yes, I am a fan.

There are few You Tube videos more stirring than her original appearance on Britain's Got Talent.  I've watched it more than a few times.  With absolute belief in herself and her ability, with a belief in all her possibilities, she dreamed her dream and captured our collective hearts.

From  her new CD  

Without a doubt they have perfected her, but I know what I hear.  I still hear the heart of her, that sweet and strong heart of her, throwing caution to the wind, letting a sophisticated cynical audience see and hear who she really was, daring to be all her possibilities.

This spirit of belief in possibilities reminds me of yarn.  Yarn sits there with no questions and all a knitter needs to do is believe that they have the power to turn it into something wonderful.

And so we do.  In knitting, on occasion, our dreams don't match the reality and we frog.

And then once again, we have a pile of endless possibilities.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted that. I hadn't gone looking but was hearing some very negative comments. I don't understand what they were saying. I think I'll go pick it up too. GD.