Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Knitting Black

I've been knitting black the last few days.  When the light is good.

If you are not seeing well, you might as well knit something you can't see anyway.  It's garter stitch, the pattern is painfully easy to remember, the shaping is magnificent...

And I want to poke my eyes out.  Which should say exactly how I feel about this black sweater at this point in time.  It is just so black. Sigh.

Black for all that it is just black, is in many ways a very intense colour. It is dense and deep and it takes everything into it.  Dyed black isn't at all like night, it is more, it is thicker, it is warmer and colder all at once.

It is still black, and I still want to poke my eyes out.  And I am so close to done.  

If I am diligent and stick to it, I might just get this one done today.  It really isn't that many more repeats.  I only have one set of lower hip shaping to do and a little more of the regular shaping, and the final button band.  It is all garter stitch.

So why does it feel like I have to gird my loins and head off to battle when the only battle is in my head and I am just a little tired of all this black garter stitch?


Brenda said...

The shaping looks very intriguing. But I think I might be ready to tear my hair out too with all that black garter stitch. Good for you for sticking with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a knitter so can't grasp the black problem the same way you experience it. Sorry, but the results are looking good. :) GD