Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Just in case

I get all my tv and internet signals by satellite.  We don't lose them often but when we do, it sure makes you consider just how tied we feel to them.  

I still have my Internet signal, but the tv signal is down.  It is likely covered in snow.  The wind will probably clear it before morning, but if it does, it may just clear it over to the internet sat dish.   

If you have to be out a sat signal, the tv is the easy part.  We have a really great movie library and can pop in all sorts of things.  And we don't mind watching a good movie over and over again.  Or at least I don't.  Mr. Needles usually falls asleep anyway, so I am not sure he feels the same.  

If a the interent signal goes out...I feel lost and just a little isolated.  It isn't that I spend tons of time on some site or other, but I the times I spend on the net are the framework of my day.  Morning wakeup coffee = internet.  Coffee break = internet.  Mid afternoon stretch  + coffee = internet.  Last thing before heading up to bed = internet.

So if I am not here in the morning, you will know eactly what is going on. Knitting.  Plain knitting, with the occasional curse at the snow up on the roof.  And the occasional sigh and mournful howl.  It won't be a coyote choir, mind,  just one lone me, all alone, internet-less and feeling really sorry for my self. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, even some of us oldie, goldies are hooked on the net. Hope it doesn't go out for you - or if does, not for long. GD