Monday, 13 December 2010

Slowed Paces

Sometimes I think that I love knitting so much because it slows my whole world down.

Face it.  We all live varying level of a rat race.  We are tied immutably to the clock and its relentless drive to get to 12 and 12 again.  We wake in the morning when it tells us too. We have lunch as it hits the lunch hour.  We eat dinner when it is dinner time.  Our life is a seemingly endless round of getting there on time.

It strikes me as a little sad.  We have invented every sort of labour saving, time saving device we could imagine in our search to give ease to our lives, yet all we seem to have created is busy.  In our desire to make our lives easy, we have taken out every moment of the day where we might have pondered the great and the small.  We have left ourselves with lives so full of busy that there isn't anytime to stop and think.  

Knitting is my slow time  Taking that needle and placing it through the loop, gathering a strand of yarn, and pulling it through:  that small action, that small set of movements with very simple tools is measured in a way that I can comprehend, perhaps in a way that I can control and manage in a world where everything else is off kilter.  

This week with its forced  slightly slower than usual knitting pace has reminded me of these things.  And in reminding me of these things, in taking out a whole class of what I could be knitting on, magically, logically, I am getting a whole lot more knitting done, and I am feeling even better about being a knitter in the modern world.


karen said...

I am so sorry to read back through your posts about the eye problem. I had a severe eye problem when my son was a a baby, so bad that I needed help to care for him. Thankfully it was resolved after a week or so but I still remember how incapacitating it was and am thankful for my sight every day. I really hope you are FULLY recovered soon x

Brenda said...

I am just getting caught up on a week's worth of blog postings. I'm sorry to her about your eye problem but glad it wasn't worse. My eye sight sure isn't what it once was and I often wonder what the future holds for my knitting if my eyes deteriorate much. Guess I won't waste time worrying about what hasn't yet happened. My Christmas prep sounds much like yours. From so many cookies I had trouble finding storage tins, to just a couple of kinds. Still magical, though.