Friday, 17 December 2010

Tweedy things

I love tweedy things.  As long as I have loved yarn, I have been looking for the perfect tweed.

Too often, a yarn company adds wee wit bits of a single colour to a nice yarn and proclaims it tweed.  That is not what I am looking for.  

What I like is a tweed with many coloured bits.  One of the nicest that I have in my collection is this one.  

It is called Fil Tweed and of course, has been discontinued.  It is an ordinary yarn, a wool with 30% acrylic and just a little viscose.  I have about a half a ball of green and enough of a warm red to make a sweater.  

The green is being turned into a nice big...shape.  I have been waffling about what to make with this undetermined amount, about as long as I have been wanting to knit with it.  I started just a shawlish shape, but it just didn't want to be a shawl.  Frogged that, and just sort of sat wanting to knit it.

In my travels through my library I came across a little mistake rib stitch vest. I wondered how this stitch pattern would look in this yarn.  

Most pleasing.  And besides, mistake rib is a lot of fun to knit.  You get a fantastic look without a lot of effort, without any stress, and very little time.  The perfect combination so long as you like rib.  

I don't know just what this will be.  That is going to have to wait till  I see just how much fabric I get out of it. Its most likely end is going to be a cowl.  I need one, this is soft and stretchy and warm and will likely be the right amount of fabric.

It feels right, though, to simply sit and knit on this shape.  No end in mind, no particular goal, just pure process.  Just to knit.

Perfect for a very busy time of year.

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