Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Clapotis Number 2

The really observant among us, or those who have knit or obsessed over it more than once, recognized yesterdays photo as the beginning of a Clapotis.  

The first Clapotis I made

was just a scarf.  It was an 'I like Berocco Bonsai' moment.  At the same time, it was an  'I don't want to pay 80 dollars for a shawl I am not sure I will like' moment.   What a wonderful thing to wear!  I knew I would do it again in a bamboo sourced rayon yarn.  

I guess that is how I got to The Wendy Happy sock yarn.  It is a sort of funky sock yarn, but it feels quite lucious.  From the first moment I noticed it sitting on the store shelf, I thought it was just too darn fine for socks.  

No, It isn't just its niceness that makes me say that.  It is a fundamental property of rayon.  It is not a strong fibre.  Not even with 25% nylon.  It would absolutely make lovely feeling socks but they are just not going to last a season.  Rayon fibre is at its weakest when wet, so on sweaty feet inside a shoe?  Not happening here.

But it was lovely and the stash, qutie simply, needed some. Two came home that day and I think that day was the day a second Clapotis entered my head.  It is drapey and soft and all the things a yarn for a Clapotis ought to be.  

It is all set up now and the knitting will be straight till I have a mere 25 grams left of two balls of yarn.  Then it will be time to do the final decrease section and finish off.  Perfect for holiday knitting.  Great visiting knitting.  There will be a little of each of these over the coming week.

I'm looking forward to it.

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