Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Yesterday was the first day of winter.  Climate-wise, this has always struck me as just a little goofy.  Where I'm  from, in an average year, winter arrived some time ago.  In a practical weather sense, the solstice falls about a third of the way through winter.   

Most societies, most cultures through human history have associated some sort of celebration to solstice.  For some cultures, solstice was a time to mark and fear the dark time, for some a time to mark an end to dark and to celebrate and rejoice in the coming light.  

That is how I have come to think of this time of year. From this point on, the days get longer.  We face 6 months of days getting longer, of more and more light.  

That is what I celebrate. The coming of light. Over the next few weeks, I celebrate with family and friends and good food and wine.  I celebrate endings and beginnings, old days and ways and new ones.  Celebrating these things make me feel very good. 

Sadly, the earth is going to take a few months to catch up.  As  joyous as I feel about the coming long days of light, its hard to get past the barren truths that are the coldest days of winter.  

I shall knit a few more sweaters to staunch winters chill, I shall spin in front of a warm fire and mark the days till winters end.  I shall fill my days with yarny things and dreams of my spring garden.    

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