Monday, 15 November 2010

'Monday, Monday, so good to me'

I am a wee bit distracted today.  I have so many things I want to accomplish.  And so few hours in which to get it all done.  

But mostly, my head is in the dirt today.  I have been thinking about all the things I want in my garden next year.  

It is time to pull out the old garden notes.  Every year, I used to cut out the blurbs from the seeds I planted and paste them into a journal.  Then I wrote notes about how well they performed.  I tried to assess plants and production for the conditions I had.  I had hoped that over the many years I planned to garden, that I would be able to figure out which varieties of peas I like the best, which potatoes I preferred, which zucchini.  I had hoped to have thick journals with many details.  And then it all ended.  And I have not had a vegetable garden since.  

It sounds silly, but it won't be long now and the seed catalogues will be out.  I know I have time to think about it all, but if you want to start seeds indoors, you have to be ready to begin by late January or the beginning of February.  

In that long time ago, I had peas, carrots, onions, potatoes, corn, cucumbers.  Just ordinary things.  And zucchini.  I always seemed to have an extraordinary crop of zucchini, but then, who didn't.  My biggest adventure was asparagus.  It would have produced its first crop the year we moved.  

I want more this time.  Much, much, more.  I want turnips and garlic.  I want a few tomatoes.  I want cucumbers enough that I can pick them small and pickle real honest to goodness baby dills. ( I want dill and herbs in this garden too).   I want raspberries and apples and gooseberries and plums and strawberries...

And I have to begin to figure out just how I am going to store all these things too. This current house does not have a cold room, unless you count my study.  And I may yet consider that, though there would have to be some adjustments.  I'm not sure yellow is a good colour for storing vegetables and it is nice and sunny in here.  

And the big question, if the vegetables move in here, just where the heck will all this stuff go?  

Seriously, I am considering building a good old fashioned root cellar at the farm. I have a suspicion that Mr. Needles is not even remotely thinking of it.  Indeed I think he would be appalled.  

Such is the set of my thoughts today.  Today garden paths are true garden paths.  Simple knitting accompanies it all.

Or it will once I fix this mess.  

(Song lyrics in title:  'Monday, Monday' by John Phillips)

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