Tuesday, 2 November 2010

How I was goin g to take photos

It is completely possible that you won't see this sweater till it is done.  

My camera is misbehaving.  The on off switch is misbehaving.  I can view photos but not take them.  Sigh.  This might mean that I need a new camera.  Which really is ridiculous.  Sigh.  My adventures today will mean a new camera.   

The sweater I am currently knitting (one of two) is a Liesl .  I have knit this once before and just like that time, this sweater almost seems to knit itself.  This is a speedy knit.

In the pictures I would have taken for you, you would have seen a sweater almost at full length.  When the current ball of yarn is done, the body will go on holders and the sleeves will be knit, and once those are done, any and all yarn remaining will be used to knit the body of the sweater longer.  

The real world says there is time today to knit one sleeve today. The deep inner me that lives a rich knitting fantasy life thinks I will be able to knit both sleeves and finish the sweater to wear to work tomorrow.    

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Brenda said...

I hate it when my camera acts up. I believe in discipline!!