Thursday, 6 May 2010

Liesl of the Sun

The last time you saw my Liesl, it looked like this:

 Then I took one photo when it looked like this:

This is a fast sweater.  I knit a bout 6 hours on the weekend, and about 2 today, and she now looks like this:  

Well, she did.  She is blocking now and looks even more crisp and neat..  What a fantastic sweater.  It is the nicest thing I have knit yet.

I could knit more of these, but if I have one in every colour, will people think I am weird?  I do have one more planned.  Longer sleeves, I think, and smaller, more reserved buttons.  But just one...for now.

Some Ravelry members wonder why people post pictures of their projects on a dummy rather than on them.  Lack of a willing photographer is my principle problem, and then there is this:    

Yeah.  Not happening. 


Mrs.Spit said...

Umm, I have knit Hey Teach twice. There's wool in the cupboard to knit her for myself this time. I understand how you can be so taken with a project.

Sandra said...

I have plans for multiple Leisls. Summer versions, winter versions. You've just made me want to dump my current projects and start one...

Brenda said...

I am curious why you say it is the best thing you've ever knit. Can you please fill me in? What makes it such a good sweater - fit - yarn- pattern ???