Monday, 1 November 2010


I would show you what happened except I am downloading 'The Gentle Art of Plying' right now and it is going to take a couple of hours. 

I'm doing it via Internet Explorer because Abby Franqemont's 'Drafting" video took 10 hours via Google Chrome.  I think.  I went to bed.

Besides giving me a headache, waiting and watching this happen so slowly gave me a very long time to knit yesterday.  I just wasn't knitting on the black sweater.  Had I done so, I would be almost done the black sweater.  Instead, I have sitting here in front of me, two partially completed sweaters.  (with Mr. Needles vest sitting not too far away, partially complete.)

This second sweater is going to be fine.  I'm doing it in a yarn that has been hanging around the store from Needful Yarns.  The yarn is Super, a chunky, fine, fine, many plied superwash merino.  

I'll show you tomorrow. After the download is done.

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Brenda said...

Slow slow high speed. Happens here too.