Friday, 1 October 2010


I have been working on the Tuscany shawl from No Sheep for You.   I didn't plan on buying this book, it just fell into my bag. hahaha

Seriously, there was a copy at the library and I had taken pictures of the projects I thought I would like to make someday. The River Rock Scarf , Bacardi, the Berthe Collar, Tomato, Morrigan (I aim high) were only some of them.  I came across the sheets with those photos, and you know what?  I had more than 5 things from the book I would knit.  Obviously this book wanted to come home with me.  

Then there was that delicious blue Mirasol Tika, colour 513.  In a season of beautiful blues, this blue is a cross between turquoise and true blue and the deep blue sea.  Sigh.  

And finally, my boss wanted to do a staff favourites: books, yarn, projects.  It didn't matter.  Customers always like to know what we find appealing and cottons appeal to me.  It is truly a gorgeous yarn.

Here was my reason to get the book, get the yarn and knit something fantastic for me, even as I knit a bunch of things for everyone else.  Mine just happened to get finished first.

 It wasn't with any intent.  It wasn't just that I preferred knitting this supple smooth cotton. I could knit this anywhere.  It went to work,it went to knit groups, it went to get the oil changed on my car.  Its the first lacy thing I have ever been able to  take along and not make any fatal errors.  Well OK, there was one.  I had to take back two rows, but that was it.  That was the only time in the entire pattern that I made errors, so not like me.  My usual specialty is ripping back.  

This pattern is so rhythmic, so musical, with its easy counts and its well marked registration purl columns, it would be an absolutely splendid first lace. With a marker as your best friend, you will soon begin to see how to read where you are in the pattern.  Others may find that hey, you don't need the pesky little buggers, you have that lovely registration purl to help you keep track. There are other clues in the strong curves of the leaves, the set of 4 lacy openings on each side leaf.  When there are 4 sets,you switch and knit a new leaf on the other side.

I will knit this pattern again.  I like its width (2 stitches for each row)in relation to its depth.  It is still a triangle but is is a shallow one. Its is a dream to block.  No points!

Any project well done, is wonderful, but this one is going to be one of my go to pieces.  It has the weight and warmth I want for sitting in front of a fire with a good book in hand or with a pair of needles and a pretty pattern.   

Next up for me is a baby blanket.  One of the nicest young couples I know had their first, a big fella named Alex.  Its going to be another garter stitch ruffly thing, but garter stitch ruffly things are fun and pretty and good to knit.  

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Brenda said...

Thanks for the great notes regarding this pattern. that registration purl stitch seems like a brilliant idea. Lace is my nemesis but this one sounds as if I could succeed.