Monday, 4 October 2010

We picked up the rest of the farm tools yesterday.  Well maybe not the rest, but the vast majority of the rest.

 Harrows, still in the crate.
 Cultivator and electronic 3 point hitch mounted to quad  tractor.

This last one gives you an idea of just how small these things are.  They are so small, they are cute, and whoever heard of cute farm equipment.  They might look cute, but they are built right, they are heavy steel and will do the job.

Mr. Needles father used to have a six foot long 'one way'.  He worked his entire farm with it and it took days.  When his dad was visiting, they had a really good time discussing exactly how long it was going to take to work up our 80 acres with these wee implements.  They span just under 4 feet.

And then they go and give it a cute name.  

The size of the things, the catalogues, the colors, are all meant to appeal to guys.  They are designed by guys, for guys, so guys can explain to their wives why they must have a new quad. Then they build them so they can actually do a the job. 

The cute name is meant to appeal to us, so we will let them.    

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Christine said...

This is just me clicking the "funny" button for that last sentence.