Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mr. Stripey, the baby set

I don't know if I believe in making full old fashioned baby layettes and yet, here it is, a full baby layette...for the modern age.

 Just simple things, but each one a different sort of striping pattern.
 The jacket, a doubling pattern of 2 whites, 6 blues, 4,4,6,2.  The jacket is based upon the Seamless Baby Kimono.

The blanket is your basic ball band dishcloth baby blanket gone rectangle.  The stripes are a sequence of ridges, 1, 2, 3 up to 7 ridges of white each separated by one ridge of blue. 

The wee hat is a simple cast on of 60 (this is a relatively thick yarn) with even stripes of 4 blue and 3 white all the way up to the wee toggle at the top.

The booties, simple socks knit farmer style in one row stripes of blue and white.  

Each one a different sort of stripes, but it all looks cute together.  

As to vest blocking, no not yet.  

It is completely possible that I am avoiding the issue.  In the effort to avoid it, I am finding a dozen things to work on instead.  Work in progress things. Not new things!  Things I can really pat myself on the back and say 'good girl' for.  

I have delved into the basket of unfinished socks and am working on those.  One last pair is now ready for heels, and the poor Earl Gray Socks  , which, the last time you saw them, were two different sizes, are now being re-knit, and will be the same.  

I might be avoiding the vest, but I will take some comfort that it is taking me to a place where I needed to go anyway.  That sock bin was getting a wee bit too full for comfort.    

If I keep avoiding the truth of the vest,  who know where it might lead. 


Mrs. Spit said...

I think that this is a wonderful layette, and let's face it, babies need more warming than adult men, no?

Sorry about the vest. I have a sweater I'm not talking about.

Brenda said...

I love the play on stripes of varying natures. It is great fun. But you've got me on 'farmers socks'. What are they?

Sandra said...

this is my kind of baby layette - modern colours, useful items - well done!

karen said...

beautiful layette, luck Alex! How are you? I hope you are well x