Wednesday, 20 October 2010

On the plus side

First off, farmers socks definition:  what my daddy wore, big gray and white socks with red heels, toes and cuff.  He farmed, so I call these basic workman's socks, farmer socks.  Only the ones I make are more than red, gray and white and are of nicer material.

I might be avoiding something, but these are the positives:  
 Heels in these from the sock WIP basket.
Dishcloth that was sitting on desk completed while photos uploaded.
 Second pair of sock heels from sock WIP basket. Heel 2of this pair will be done before I go to work.
 Third pair of socks from sock WIP basket.  The Earl Gray pattern from the Yarn Harlot.  Sock one is complete but I had to go back to before the heel flap on sock two and work two more of the small twists to make the socks match in length.  I am midway down the foot now.  By the end of the evening, I hope to be complete but for the toe.  If I really work on it, I will have them done before morning. (insert boundless optimism here)
And finally, something I did not find at the bottom of the sock basket, but I did find the swatch for this at the bottom of the other WIP basket, the things I feel like working on WIP basket.  (This is different from the WIP basket of things that I don't feel like working on, and the things that are hiding in the closet that are in a pre-frogging state.)

It is the beginnings of a simple blue sweater.  My wardrobe needs  replacements of basic sweaters that work with everything. This one is going to be as simple as I can make it, crew neck type collar, 3/4 length sleeves, simple tunic shape.  

I am debating lace work just to relieve the boredom of long long rows of stockinette.  If I do put some in, they will run down the length of the fronts. It isn't the sort of thing I was thinking about as I began, but now that the shoulders are set up, I have time to think of options.    

There are a couple more pairs of socks to finish the heels on before I leave the sock basket.  After the sock basket is done, it will be my next set of days off and I promise myself I am going to get back to working on the vest.  

By next week, I will be ready to face it.  I will have sufficient positive results under my belt to bolster my fragile knitter's ego.

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Sandra said...

I think I'm going to adopt your sock style to try and regain my sock mojo - aterthought heels make life easier - just knit around and around, then add the heel once you know who the recipient is. No hassles in trying to match one to the other.