Thursday, 9 September 2010

An ongoing love affair.

We have had the Churchmouse Yarns and Teas patterns at the store for a while now, and I tell you, they are darn hard to keep in stock.  Some of them are impossible to keep in stock.  Very very good patterns.  Simple to knit, yet the designs have lovely down to a fine art.

I've knit only 1 of them.  The linen stitch scarf was tried and failed by me.  What seems to be simple takes a surprising amount of concentration to keep on track.  I think, though If I try it again, I would do it in the round, so that I only have one row to do, and just need to alternate the slipped stitch.  Or something like that.  Seriously lace knitting is easier for me.  But everyone, and I do mean everyone else loves it.  

The linen stitch scarf pattern and idea took Edmonton by storm this summer.  You would not believe how many of these were knit locally.  The fascination still continues.

The Turkish Bed Socks are almost impossible to keep in stock.  Interesting but simple technique makes for a speedy fun knit.  Many many pairs will be gifted for Christmas here. I would love to do them, but it is impossible to keep these in stock.

And these elegant little wristwarmer/gauntlet things.  I really love these.  I don't know if it is the buttons, or the welt, or just the picture, but I want these.  They are quite perfect.  They have not struck the popular imagination quite so much as the other 2, but oh my when you knit one, you will knit a hundred.  This has been confirmed by the lucky ones who 'stole' the pattern right out of my itchy fingers.  

I will wait for those to be restocked.  I could download, but I'd rather wait for the real thing.  you just have to see these to know what I mean.  Even the printing is elegant.  

While I wait, I have picked up a couple of others.  I am going to try to adapt the felted beret to use up the Cascade 220 that I have.  It is designed for a Shetland DK weight, but it is a place to start.  I also picked up this elegant wee beaded scarf, a direct result of the recent voyage into the mohair and lace section of the stash.   I need simple elegant ways to use it up in tandem with the bead stash.  

So much to knit, so little time.  I would never have invented a 32 hour day for work things or so I could fit in all the housekeeping, but for knitting, I am working on it.  The big problem is how to get the earths rotation to cooperate with my nefarious plan...
(insert evil genius or looney bin laughter as you see fit)  


Sandra said...

thanks to your generosity, I am the happy owner of some Churchmouse designs - I love them!

Brenda said...

I hadn't heard of Churchmouse Patterns. Thanks for eh links. And I like the idea of a 32 hour knitting day. Keep working on that.