Monday, 13 September 2010

Have you ever wondered?

Every once in a while I wonder about the state of human communication.  People talk.  People have always talked, and on occasion I worry about the state of modern communication and our kids and young people.

Everything is in quick sound bites, everything is in short texts and quips and written bits and ethereal bytes on big websites.  The detritus, the asides, the unimportant bits of human communication is there for all to see, on facebook and My Space and blogs.

Is this where human communication is going?  Is this all there will soon be? A 10 word comment and a 'like'?

And then I read and participated in something silly on Ravelry and realized that if anyone saw me, with this huge goofy grin on my face, sitting here all alone in my wee yellow study, they would think I was nuts, but they would ask what was so funny. Invariably.  Without fail.  They would need to know.  

Human communication will be just fine.  Facebook and blogs give a voice to those who have no one to hear them for a minute or a hour or a week or ever.  It is a place to speak, a format to be heard and continued human curiosity and a goofy grin at the small and silly bits of our days will keep others asking why. 

These thoughts could border on profound if I was a really good writer and a better thinker, but all I was really aiming for was how to give myself an excuse for sitting here, all alone with that really big goofy grin on my face.   

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Brenda said...

That big goofy grin is often on my face when I red my favourite blogs.