Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Feed a craving

I've knit and knit and knit over the last day or so.  I will be knitting through the long day again.  Mr. Needles will be working late tonight so I won't even have to break for dinner.  

It took till 9 p.m. till my hands could stop. Up to then they simply could not sit still.  They twitched and itched and danced until it drove me mad.  

I knit on Mr. Needles vest.  I knit till I could not think.  So I parked it for a while, and knit on the garter stitch blanket.  I knit till I had new balls of yarn worked in, and then that was enough of that.  

I knit again on the vest for a bit.  It wasn't pretty.  I tried to distract myself with the internet.  I t wasn't any good. My hands just wanted to knit.  

I picked up some rag looking type sock yarn and began to knit a leg of a mini sock monkey  I got to the point where I am going to have to be stuffing as I knit, but I really wasn't in the mood to knit around stuffing, so I set that aside.

I cleaned some, in one of the deep corners of this house.  EWWWW.  All my hands really wanted to do was knit, but I knew that there was no way I could go back to the vest and not suffer ripping back.  So, I followed the need of my fingers and started another project.  

Tuscany from No Sheep for You.  The yarn is Tika from the Mirasol collection and the colour is the brightest of blues.  Almost turquoise, but not.  Almost marine, but not.  There are many things it isn't but to pin down this blue to a name, or a single word...impossible.  Fantastic, maybe.  Electric, perhaps, but neither of these words cover everything that this blue is.  

So here I sit with a dozen undone things in the closet and in baskets round the room, and I have yet another, check that, two more on the go.  I really did not need that.

And yet I did.  Feed a craving, so they say. I did not know I needed it. My hands are finally quiet, my fingers no longer are twitchy.    




Sandra said...

I see nothing wrong with this - I mean, you'll eventually knit it anyways, so why not start it now? And Tuscany is a beautiful pattern - I made mine in Sea Silk.

Mrs. Spit said...

I'm with Sandra. . . There's no wrong way to do this.

Brenda said...

Isn't the knitting addiction wonderful? Your post made me smile.