Monday, 26 April 2010

White Knitting

I have been knitting my fingers off to make feet of something white. I did better than I thought over the weekend, but less than I hoped.  I couldn't knit as much as I thought because it is spring, the pollen is out and my eyes don't get along with pollen at all.  Eye drops.  Stat.

The white knitting is pleasing though.  It is lace, but crisper and firmer than a wool or other fibre would be.  What wonders are wrought with good old crochet cotton.  

The edging is Godmother's lace from a Barbara Walker treasury.    It is the same lace I used on my Shawl that Jazz interpretation.  Its a lovely quick to knit, old fashioned lace.  It is wide which is what I was looking for.   It will be an edging at the bottom of a blind.

The white is a fabric I used to cover a problem wall in the guest bedroom.  I have enough fabric left to use it for a blind for that room.  The knitted lace will be the bottom edging and I dug in the deep resources of the yarn store for Malizia.  That is the pretty little flowery bow looking strand laying along the top of the edging.  It is going to be a single touch of something else oin the blind.  

I have collected odds and ends over the years.  I still have several doilies that I crocheted a very long time ago that I thought would be great framed or attached to pillow tops.  I have a lace edged dresser scarf that I always thought would make a great neckroll pillow with.  I have those lovely floral sheets from my daughter in laws grandmother.  I have a quilt top that I may actually have a reason to finish and turn into a blanket.  I have a hardanger throw that gets lost in my own room.  I'm not looking form a lacy girly room.  That just isn't me.  But I am  looking for a pleasing way to put these small touches together.    

These things are important to me.  They each capture a memory.  If I lost them I would still have the memories, but if I have these things, and don't use them, they are just stuff in a drawer.  Stuff in a drawer tends to clutter up the corners of your life.  Stuff can be a burden if there is no purpose to it. 

For me these things have a purpose.  It took a long time collecting them.  A lifetime.  And now it is time to use them.     


Sandra said...

that's my favourite kind of decorating - the kind that uses memories and keepsakes, not just "things that match".

Mrs.Spit said...

That's a lovely thing. But take 20 minutes and make a note about where they came from, or why you liked them. Otto had many of those things, and we had no idea where or why.

Breaks my heart.

Brenda said...

That is a lovely piece of lace. And the ribbon is very pretty. It will be a wonderful room when done.