Friday, 23 April 2010

More about beads

Photos requested.  OK.  I'm game but I think you'll see what I see.

3 choices, a purple blue metallic bead, a silver lined clear glass bead, and a pearly white bead.

My choice is the clear glass beads.  My hope was for a bit of sparkle.

The clear glass beads.  In the first picture, you can barely see them.  In this photo, the best of almost 20 attempts, they show up.  

The blue-purple metallic beads are a little too strong in my opinion, though if a bead is supposed to make a statement, these do at least show up.  

The pearly white bead shows off nicely too.  But I have a bit of a bias against these.  Pearly white beads attempt to look like pearls, but don't.  I think they ummm...sort of tart up this very very fine yarn.  They don't live up to this very fine yarn.  

I like the silver lined glass beads, but with the yarns slubby nature, they just wouldn't show up very much.  

Beads are meant to add to a project, and I am just not convinced that any of my choices really do.   

I'm working on something unusual in the meantime and it is going faster than I could ever have imagined.  Its interesting and fascinating, and slightly old fashioned.  Suits me fine.  With luck, I'll have it complete by the end of the weekend and with luck, Monday I will show you what I am up to.      

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Brenda said...

Looking forward to Monday. Blogines is still not working properly, so am glad I hunted you up the old fashioned - click and see - way today.