Thursday, 22 April 2010

To Bead?

I'm still working on the Bitterroot.  After consulting many other knitters and asking if they would bead or not, the answer is yes, Bead.  

I'm still not convinced.  I was scoping out bigger beads last evening, but the next size up begins to look gawky and awkward in scale in comparison to the fine quality of this yarn.   If you use big beads on this shawl, they have to be things of great beauty.  It would need Swarovski crystals, the cube ones to feel right to me.  

Not that I am picky or anything. Or have a really really stong feeling about this yarn.  Or anything.  I really did think about the crystals, but 2 things stopped me.  Price and availability. Where available, the price was more than I am willing to pay, and where the price meets my level, no availability.  If it takes this much effort, it isn't meant to be.

Nope.  It will be what I have or not.  I haven't accumulated this mildly vast stash of beads for nothing.  They really are nice beads.  

OK, I just tried taking a picture of them on the fabric.  Disappear completely. I'm feeling very skeptical again.  

I think I need to look at the bead stash again.   I'm pretty sure I have some purpley ones.  I know I have some pearl look beads.  Perhaps I just need to change my choice of bead.  

I won't give up, but I am not going to go outside of what I already have.  The beads will enhance and add to the final shawl, or I will let this lovely yarn and a really fine pattern speak for themselves.  

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Sandra said...

show us the choices - because, you know, nothing makes a tough decision tougher than everyone chiming in from afar...