Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Weather worries

I've  been thinking about the weather a lot lately, but haven't posted about it.  Its just too sad. I thought about taking photos of awakening earth, but I have not been in the mood.  

It is very dry here.  Very very dry.  We had virtually no rain last summer.  We had none of our usual fall rainy cold weather.  We had good snow coverage through the winter, but slightly less than usual.  

The spring has brought hot dry weather. Not warm spring breezes, with crisp cool nights.  The air is a reminder of  hot August days and beaches.  For the last few days it has been well over 20C. 

There isn't any snow in my yard.  This is the first time in years that it has been gone by the middle of April.  We are usually looking at at least one small bank of snow till the middle of May.  

Its dry and that worries me.  

Then, the other day, driving home from work, I passed these marvelous beasts.    We saw cranes flying overhead on the weekend.  The robins are about and the trees are budding.  It is dry, yet still it is spring.  

Life will out.  The trees will bloom.  Soon buffalo babies will be taking their first steps.  Little robin chicks will take their first flight.  
The goslings will hatch and will soon be seen waddling by mama as they eat the rich green grass at the edge of the road.

No matter the weather, life will out.  Its dry.  It may feel catastrophic, but it isn't.  It is a cycle as old as the earth.  My forest of trees may suffer and I might loose some but there will be something in their place.  

As much as I know that humans are part of the cycle of the earth, and not just observers of the natural, I'm not looking forward to a dry hot summer.  Not even looking forward to a dry cool summer, though that would be infinitely preferable.  I'm praying for rain. I'm praying for it hard.

And I am praying that the idiots who ride offroad vehicles  through ditches filled with tall dry grass or who toss cigarette butts out the windows of their cars, will just stay home. 

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