Thursday, 1 April 2010

Finishing photos

I was looking at my Ravelry page and noticed that a lot of my finished project photos are not the actual finished photo.  They are the finished knitting photo.  Somehow the finished photo never happens before the item is sent on its merry way. There are photos of scarves with ends unworked, mittens unblocked, Shawls blocked but not draped and displayed.  I am determined to do better.

To that end, I woke Mr. Needles a few minutes earlier than usual.  Not a really popular decision, I'm sure, though he did not say anything.  He cooperated but did point out that we could have done this last night when he was wearing the sweater.   

I redid the collar to add short rows for a more modern fit, a very good decision, and commented on by the wearer.   

It's a very subtle difference, but one I think I will add into all the sweaters I make with a very traditional shaping.  I think I'm going to include it in the gansey notes too.  

This is a sweater I dreamed up.  It wasn't a written down anywhere other than in the clues Gladys Thompson left in her book, with hints and tips from other master knitters added along the way.  Its cables and seed stitches satisfied the yarns demands.  It happened on the fly.  I winged it. Its not a pattern, it just is.  

It is enormously satisfying to make a sweater this way.  There is nothing quite like knowing that no matter where in the world I am, no matter what is going on around me, if I have needles and yarn enough, I can knit clothing for any person who needs it.   I feel a little more deeply connected to the generations of women who didn't have written patterns, but who made clothing we still marvel over today.  

It is doubtful my work could ever stand along side the quality and sheer mastery of knitting that their work attained, but I am pretty comfortable thinking I am at least walking the same path.      

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