Wednesday, 31 March 2010


If it isn't painfully obvious to those of you who know me online only, it certainly is clear to people who meet me:  I am no fashionista.  High fashion couture leaves me cold.  It long moved past clothing to art and I'd rather have art I can see in peace and contemplation. Couture not spoken here.

That said I love fine things and I appreciate beauty.  Beautiful yarns.

Long vistas and cloudy skies. 

Deep rich heart wrenching colours. 

Small  dainty flowers.   

And I particularly love how when you least expect it, you will find beauty.  

I knit with friends at a small cafe, Cafe Haven,  run by a young local couple.  They serve good coffee, delicious food and always seem to find something interesting to offer.

Today they had a display of my kind of couture:

A bouquet of wonders by Jacek Chocolate Couture.  The ultimate Easter 'flower'. You  really ought to sniff the scent of this bouquet.  I truly wish you could.   

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Knitting Alchemist said...

Stunning photos. And, yes, I'm drooling over the smell of that bouquet... Did you get to taste one?