Friday, 2 April 2010

New things

When the big projects are finished, it is time for new projects!  This one is flying off my needles.

The Lillia Hyrna Shawl from the Book of Wool.  I'm working this up in New England Shetland rather than the original Icelandic laceweight but only because I could get the Shetland in the store.  Two soft grays blending together.  Simple stitches.  It is exactly the right thing after the challenge of the Gansey.  

I'll do another when I get my hands on Icelandic laceweight.  I am currently begging the boss to bring some in.  Its pretty pitiful.  It would be a wonderful way to showcase the difference a wool can make.  

And there is another red thing.  

Top Down raglan, just for fun. And to learn.  It looks like a plain stockinette, but there is a hint of a rib happening if you call a single purl stitch at the end of a 6 stitch stockinette section a rib.  I'm using Cloud Cotton, a richly coloured medium weight cotton. 

 I worked on this most of yesterday, and don't seem to have a lot completed.  I keep telling myself that it is because I am working on all the parts of the sweater at once.  I'm not believing me yet.  
These will keep me going through the weekend.  And the socks. There is that pair of socks ongoing too.  

By the end of the weekend, our snow ought to be pretty much gone, with only the most shaded parts of the yard left frozen.  It is unseasonably early.   We have not had any rain. This isn't unusual I suppose.  It is early for rains, but it is the cumulative effects I worry about.    With no rain last fall and little last summer, we are in a full on drought.  Not good for my trees and other living things.      


Mrs.Spit said...

I've been working on a top down raglan for me - and I've noticed, it takes forever when you start, but when you put the sleeves on waste wool and you realize you are past the arm pits and into the waist shaping, well, that's a great feeling! It really starts to fly then.

Sandra said...

be prepared. Icelandinc lace weight is lovely, but it feels like a Brillo pad once knit.
And yes, I'd knit with it again,,,

Christine said...

I happen to know someone who is going to Iceland in just 4 weeks and I imagine laceweight doesn't take up much luggage space... she'll see what she can do. :-)