Monday, 1 March 2010

My personal Olympic quest

I had victories in my personal Olympic quest. There are projects done and reason and responsibility reigns in the WIP basket.

A second pair of socks completed.
A long time WIP not complete but very very well on its way. This is yarn my son brought back from Ukraine last summer. I wasn't sure what to do with it. It has been started several times, but this time its feels right. Expect completion soon. Easy knitting.
And not a long time WIP, but a fun thing.

There was other WIP knitting. I knit a fair bit on an Icarus that I have had ongoing since summer. No photos. It is on a really short needles, so I'll save it for a day when I really really need photos. I knit a bit on scarves from the basket, but those that didn't make it to commentary here, have been ripped back.

There was knitting on sweaters. The red is complete, and the Ocean of Brown gansey is as done as I can make it for the class.

I spent a lot of time thinking over the last two weeks. I spent almost as much time pondering why I start things, as I did thinking about the next big thing. A lot of things are started because I was upset with what I was working on or I was upset at something completely unrelated to knitting, but it usually was begun in a time of strife. That was a little bit of a revelation. I thought it was due to boredom.

There will never be a day where the spur of the moment project doesn't happen and isn't wanted, but there will be a little more planning involved to the things I choose to knit and when I choose to knit them.


I have knitting plans and I mean to carry them through. I have a couple of projects for kids to do up before the end of March. I have another sweater to start. The blue Susie Hoodie calls for spring wear. These are always accompanied by socks, specifically two pair of alpaca from various suppliers.

It won't be a free for all, but I am really looking forward to starting new things.


Anonymous said...

Me thinks if the knitting is a stress reliever it has accompished its purpose. No requirement to finish the project if that wasn't the point of starting it. However, this is a non knitter speaking. GD

Knitting Alchemist said...

Very well done!