Friday, 26 February 2010

Wasted Wisely

I sat here yesterday having decided to turf the greeny colour socks and felt ready to conquer the world. I was ready to paint.

I couldn't. There are no paint trays around here. Methinks the last guy to use paint and roller left them outside where he had them drying and they are now under feet of snow. My carefully planned productive day was done before it began. But the corners are done.

I could have gone to town and gotten a paint tray, but I do work today and I have 2 days to get the painting done before Mr Needles comes home. It seemed like a waste of gas.

So I knit but it was frustrated knitting.

Knitting did work its charms and I was soon a happy camper. I finished up that lovely little homage to the Silk Kerchief that I have been working on. It needs a little blocking and I will have photos tomorrow.

Then I knit on socks, but socks, even nice ones, gave me itchy fingers. There was a Lace Ball, Schoppel Wolles Zauberball like lace, right next to me. I picked it up and cast on a few stitches and played a while. More swatching than sinning really. (My story. Sticking to it.) I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I once had a project in mind, but I think I've another yarn that will work better for that. I took the happy lace off my needles and set it aside.

I picked up the Icarus and knit the rest of the day on it. While I knit, I contemplated lace and how I hate knitting to a deadline, I thought about how I much better I felt for having tried something bright and cheery and how bright and cheery made me feel just a little better.

I knit, watched Olympics and sat in the sun. I did not accomplish anything that I planned, but it was a marvelous day.

Today a little work, a little teaching, a little stopping to get a a paint tray and roller. Bring it on.

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