Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Clean and Blue

Instead of working diligently on a one of my planned projects, I sat and knit a scarf with a lofty, softly spun powder blue yarn I had been given. Think Malabrigo soft only not Malabrigo. It might have been my way of reminding myself not to impose limits that don't work with who I am. There are enough places in life where limits and rules must be observed. As GD says, this is supposed to be fun (though fun usually includes finishing and wearing. Piles of ongoing is stress)

Resolution be darned, I had a marvelous time knitting a scarf with soft yarn on big needles.

I also spent a little time sorting and ordering the stash. If you are not knitting, this is the next best thing surely. Playing around, looking at, and admiring ones stash is a sport all by itself.

A healthy stash needs to be checked and aired out. Its kind of like cleaning closets. You have to do it to feel your house is really clean and in good order.

I'm going to do a little more of that this morning. I could speak much more on how I feel about my stash, but really, its is time to go dig in my stash. Who knows what secrets lurk within?

So long as it isn't moths, I'll be happy.

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