Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Found while digging

I did exactly as I said yesterday. I dug through the not wool stash.

It isn't often that I forget a yarn in my stash. I know each and every skein and I know which pattern I bought it for. For the few things I don't have a pattern in mind already, the yarns were purchased with at least an idea of what they would become. Yarn has always been purchased in sweater quantities, shawl quantities or scarf quantities. I knew the number of balls of linen I had in that soft eggplant (3, 1 short of what I need), I knew I had a skein of natural linen (1, 1 more than I need). I knew all the many colours of cotton and I knew about the bamboo tape recovered from a frogged sweater that will be a Clapotis

What I had completely forgotten about was this. I was appalled that I had forgotten it.
The multi colour yarn is Rozetti Always Surprise, a wool and acrylic blend. I have used this once before to make a Baby Surprise Jacket. The solid is the same blend, a yarn called Tempo. Is a nice heathery thing in a richer purple than the fuchsia shown here.

I picked them up last year with a project in mind, the Sandy Cardigan from Big Girl Knits. It uses multi coloured yarn, knit on the bias to form panels for front and back. It uses the marvelous colours of Noro Kureyon to give shape and interest.

I bought these two yarns, because I wanted to understand the shaping of the sweater. Its series of small panels and side panel shaping seemed interesting. I wanted to do it without spending the huge amounts of money a Noro sweater would need.

And I needed a schlep around the house sweater, a camping sweater, a sweater that I can take anywhere and wash easily and not worry too much about taking care of.

So there it was. Yarn at hand. Project need. Time. I picked up and knit.

The first part equals to knitting 4 short scarves. Kind of fun. Great knitting while visiting.

While I knit, I wondered if this is what happens when a stash is large enough. I like knowing what I have. It provides a frame work to how I spend my time. It is comfort. It is a security blanket.

Forgetting some of it, absolutely, completely forgetting I have a yarn, must then mean I have reached maximum security and comfort. Reason says that stash accumulation is now complete and it is time for stash maintenance.

And if I say that to myself often enough, I'll believe it.

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