Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vogue Knitting

I'm really conflicted about Vogue Knitting Magazine.

Like the ordinary magazine, Vogue Knittings role, their niche is to be an informer of high fashion. In my entire life, I doubt if I have purchased the ordinary fashion magazine but twice. Fashion maven, I ain't.

Its not that I don't like to be fashionable, but to me fashion is things you don't wear with jeans and a t shirt. Fashion is not what you wear with your stretchy pants. Fashion is not what you wear in the quiet of your house on a Saturday morning while sipping coffee.

I buy Vogue Knitting for the articles, (Oh shush) because nobody has a finer history of articles on the how to of knitting. It was full of interesting things, but only rarely was there something I might knit and wear. It is the magazine I hit and miss. It is the first magazine I will leave behind.

Except for the spring issues. I am enamoured of their spring issues. For the last 2 years. The spring issues are just fantastic.

This year, there still is the edge of knitting fashion, but it is approachable this spring. It is doable, it is things that people could and would wear at ordinary places in the regular world.

There is a mohair sweater that makes me dream about caring to wear mohair (the little checked cardigan), there is a pretty airy blue top with a little flare. I could go on. But what really catches me is the scarves and shawls.

Cover shawl? Check. Want it.

Beachy shawl? Want it.

Scarves in the scarf section? Picked the yarn.

I'm not sure if it is that Vogue has a lighter attitude in the spring or if it is that I do. Whatever it is, it pleases me.

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Knitting Alchemist said...

Does this mean spring is actually here??? Oh man, I sooo hope so.