Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fixing things

I have been knitting on the last saddle of the Gansey as much as I can. It isn't a lot because the Gansey is not a portable project, it's not a unthinking knitting project.  It asks for focus.  It demands that I count rows.  So when the saddle was complete and I saw this

Sigh. It wouldn't be nearly so hard to take if this phot was of the first mistake.  No, this photo is of the mistake made during the repair.  Knitting seems to causing a lot of grief lately.  Maybe it is spring rather than knitting? I set it aside for a couple of days.

I fixed the error last evening, but not perfectly.

It will be OK after blocking.  On to the sleeve.  I am going to knit my heart out Thursday and I hope to finish this second sleeve.  If I really work at it, I'd like to have all the ends woven in too.  Friday is the last of the gansey classes and my goal is to be able to sit and knit the collar during class.  At the end of class I'd like to be able to hold up a completely finished project.  

In between the little cable mishap on the gansey I have been doing the simpler knitting on the purple Sandi sweater.  I took out the problem side panel and knit them separately.  Both side panels are now complete.  It remains only to sew in the side panels and another sweater is ready for sleeves.  

I'm sitting here just a little flummoxed.  If I get the gansey sleeve done for Friday, and knit on the Sandi sleeves Sunday and Monday...  

Oh my.  3 sweaters in one winter. Blows me away.  

Fear not.  There still is significant finishing after the sleeves on the Sandi. I think I'm going to step even farther away from the pattern and will add a hood.  Then the pattern calls for an i-cord around all the edges. Plenty of details to mess with yet.  

I'm not entirely sure of what I will do next.  There is plenty of knitting going on, but should there be another sweater?  I think so, but I'm not sure if I will still feel like it next week.

Maybe its time for a simple pair of socks.

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Brenda said...

The repair looks pretty darn good from here.