Tuesday, 16 March 2010

As a fiftyish woman, one of the things I get to enjoy is waking up at odd hours and finding myself unable to get back to sleep.

I could stay in bed and worry about it, but I usually get up and do something.  This is where knitting saves the day. I knit a lot last night. Most of the night in fact. I crawled back to bed at 4:40, and slept till 8 a.m. 

My plans for the day are going to have to be abbreviated.  Its errand morning and knitting afternoon.  I planned to be on my way to town by now, to wash the car, change its oil, go to the drugstore, look for a couple nice summery t-shirts, have lunch and knit with friends, and then wind up the day with groceries. There were a few other pit stops to make but I can't remember them now.    

I'll have to drop a few of those stops, but I'm darn sure I'm not cutting out knitting.  

One of the things to fall this morning is a good and proper post.  The inspiring post I was planning to write will have to wait and all you get today is drivel.  

Would you accept my apologies if I bring you some Smarties? Junior Mints?


Mrs. Spit said...

I'd forgive you without, but junior mints would be wonderful!

Brenda said...

Greedy girl that I am, Caan I have both?

Anonymous said...

What Mrs. Spit said...but I'll take the smarties - Canadian style. Hope your day went well. GD

Knitting Alchemist said...

Only if I can use the red Smarties for lipstick!!!

Sandra said...

chocolate's good - butterscotch is better.