Monday, 22 February 2010

Not knitting

Mr Needles has a significant birthday today. Significantly big. Really big. He heads off today, on a big birthday golf trip. We celebrated yesterday instead. Not a lot of knitting was done.

I worked on some socks and on a shawl I forgot about in the depths of the WIP basket, but didn't get a whole lot of anything accomplished. My goal for the rest of the week is to finish two pairs of socks. Each pair has one sock completed and the second started. (I know, I know.) It ought to be a reachable goal.

I'm not expecting to get anything big done this week. That bedroom I was working on a few weeks ago remains unpainted and I am determined to fix that. Today I will be about brush and roller and paint tray. If it weren't for the many corners around the closet shelving and the couple extra corners formed where the closet space is built out into the room, it would take less than an hour to get the job done. The corners will add about three thousand hours to the job (or so it will seem)

I like painting. Just not the corners. I like knitting better.


Sigrun said...

THe best part of painting is putting away the drop sheets and the newspapers for the last time--and getting back at the knitting.

Anonymous said...

Pass along belated Happy Birthday wishes to Mr. Needles when he returns. GD